Affiliate Program

Earn $100 for every customer referral!

When you recommend Hotel Propeller as the best solution out there for hotel or B&B website design, your friends or clients won’t be the only ones thanking you.  We want to thank you too!

To show our appreciation, we pay $100 for every customer referral.  That’s right — $100 in your pocket, for each and every customer you refer to Hotel Propeller.

The best part?  There are no limits to the number of commissions you can earn!  Send us 10 new customers, we’ll pay you $1,000!  Or send even more…

The Referral Program is perfect if you are:

  • A consultant serving hotel clients
  • A friend of a hotel owner
  • A blogger or other publication with an audience of hotel owners
  • A loyal traveler seeking to help your favorite hotel improve their website

How it works

  1. Register as an Affiliate here.
  2. Recommend Hotel Propeller to your clients or friends, by sharing (or linking) using your affiliate tracking URL that we provide to you.
  3. Your customer referrals are tracked and recorded.
  4. We verify the referral and schedule your $100 payment, paid via PayPal.

Register as an Affiliate

To get started earning affiliate commissions, you must register as an Affiliate (it’s free!).

Register as an Affiliate »

Referral Program Details & Terms

  • All referral commissions are paid via PayPal.  You must enter your valid PayPal email address when you register as an affiliate.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can open one here.
  • Referral commissions are paid 75 days after the date that the referred customer signed up.  For example, if the customer signed up on July 1st, you will receive your commission payment on September 15th.
  • The referred customer must have an active Hotel Propeller account with no outstanding payments at the time of payment (75 days after customer signup date).  If the customer cancels within the first 75 days, or if they have failed subscription payments, you will not receive referral commission for this customer.
  • You cannot earn a referral commission for your own account on Hotel Propeller.
  • Affiliate commissions can be rewarded manually, if the referred customer does not click your unique tracking URL (for example, if they sign up over the phone). To request a manual commission, please contact us and we will verify the transaction and schedule your payment accordingly.
  • Contact us with any questions