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Online Booking

Increase Reservations with Online Booking

With our built-in online booking system, your customers can book their stay right on your website.  It’s incredibly easy to use, and it streamlines the process of reserving (and paying) for a booking — all online with just a couple of clicks.

Easy For Your Guests

Gone are the days of clunky, confusing interfaces for booking a room online.  The Hotel Propeller booking system is designed by professionals, with one goal in mind:  Make the customer’s experience as painless as possible!

The booking calendar and checkout screens are integrated seamlessly with our beautiful designs.  No sending customers away from your website to search and book their room.  It’s all done from within your own site, with your own branding, look and feel.

Easy For You to Manage

Managing your bookings on Hotel Propeller is a breeze!  It’s all built into our WordPress dashboard, where you manage all other aspects of your site.

Check current availability, adjust pricing and specials, enter a booking over the phone, or retrieve a guest’s information.  It’s all at your fingertips.  Plus our professional customer support is here to help.

Never Double-Book a Room

Your booking system on Hotel Propeller keeps track of your rooms and availability.  As soon as a room has been booked, it becomes unavailable for booking on your website.

Plus, you can control things like number of guests per room, minimum stay, and more.

Choose How You’ll Get Paid

You have a number of ways to secure payment for bookings:

You’ll always have the option to simply accept payment in person at the time of check-in or checkout (or disable this option).

PayPal is a popular choice for accepting payments from customers at the time of booking.  Your customers don’t need their own PayPal account in order to pay using their credit card via PayPal.

Or, for the most professional checkout experience, you can accept all major credit cards right on your website.  We’ll set you up with an account from for payment processing, which is not only a breeze to manage, but it also has very reasonable rates (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction).


Automatic Notifications

Your customers receive an automatic email confirmation containing the details of their booking.  You’ll also receive email notifications when a new booking has been placed.

And more…

Coupons, specials, variable pricing, photo galleries, and so much more.  It’s a robust, full-featured online booking system, built right into your hotel’s website from Hotel Propeller!

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