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AI’s Influence on Engaging Hotel Social Media Content

AI's Influence on Engaging Hotel Social Media Content

AI is transforming pockets of the hospitality industry from coast to coast. It’s also affecting many aspects of your digital marketing, and one of the most important areas is social media.

The power of AI is at your fingertips, and it can help you build and grow your social media presence. In this article, we look at AI’s influence on engaging hotel social media content. By integrating AI into your social media strategy, you can revolutionize how you engage with your followers.

If you’re ready to jump start your social media content, read on to learn how to use the dynamic potential of AI.

The Benefits of AI in Social Media

You know how important it is to create engaging content on social media. This is the content that grabs people’s attention, is memorable, and creates relationships.

AI can really help you leverage social media by helping you work faster and save money.

Artificial intelligence (AI) learns from data and facts. So, AI can use the data it learns from your social media audiences to help you work more efficiently. (tweet this)

For example, when creating content and even paid ads, you can use AI to help you craft it more quickly than doing it on your own. AI can also resize and reformat your creative content for multiple channels.

In addition, AI can take the data from your social media platforms and learn which headlines, text, images, and video provide you with the most engagement.

AI can also help you find new audiences and trends related to your hotel so that you can put your property in front of the right people at the right time. It can even predict which people are ready to take action on your ads and target them with the right messaging.

Let’s dive into these benefits a little more.

AI Social Media

AI for Customer Service

You can even use AI on social media to give your customers and followers instant customer service. Social media bots can answer people’s questions, provide them with recommendations, and even handle transactions for your hotel.

This all works together to create a seamless customer experience for people on your social media.

Your followers can even engage with you through AI-powered voice assistants. All customers need to do is make a voice command, and AI will answer it for them.

Another aspect of customer service provided by AI is that you can harness the power of AI algorithms to moderate content. AI can scan your posts, comments, content, images, and video in real time and find content that may violate the social media platform’s policies regarding hate speech, graphic content, and more.

Finally, AI can gather all the comments on your posts together for you to help you learn more about public opinion about your hotel as well as your reputation. This can help you improve your hotel and your revenue.

AI for Content Creation

While you may have a creative on staff, AI can help your social media marketing team speed up content creation.

You can use AI to take one piece of content and craft it into a unique post that works for each of your platforms. AI is a great tool for first draft content, too. Once your staff gets the initial idea, they can polish it and give it that special human touch.

AI is also great for people who have writer’s block when creating social media posts.

In addition, you can use AI to take your existing content on your website and turn it into social media posts for different platforms in mere minutes. This helps you take advantage of the evergreen content on your website and blog posts and repurpose it into bite-size pieces for social media.

AI can also help you create imagery and video that engages customers. With the right tools and software, AI can also repurpose existing content into new images and video.

AI for Monitoring

It’s vital that you know what people are saying and sharing about your hotel on social media. With AI, you can keep tabs on your digital brand mentions on social media.

This helps you learn when people are talking about your hotel. It’s called social listening, and it helps you see at a glance who is talking about your property, your rooms, your community, and more.

AI for Planning

The amount of data artificial intelligence has access to is so broad that it would take a human decades to put it together. So, it makes sense to use the data-gathering capabilities of AI to help you learn when to best post on social media.

This way, you can schedule posts for when they have the most impact, and not just when your team is working. AI takes all the guesswork out of it for you.

Final Thoughts on AI’s Influence on Hotel Social Media Content

AI will continue to evolve as it starts playing a more significant role in social media. It will continue to have a strong influence on how your chosen social media platforms operate, as well as how people interact and engage with your content.

It pays to stay up to date on AI in social media so you can harness its power to create engaging hotel social media content.

Use it for content creation and data. Let AI analyze user behavior, interactions, and even preferences to suggest content for you. Let AI find out how people feel about your hotel so you can tailor just the right content to them.

When it comes to advertising, according to one source, nearly 60% of U.S. adults feel comfortable with AI targeting advertising to them. This staggering number shows you that it’s completely acceptable to use AI to help with your social media advertising.

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