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Why Chatbots Can Make a Difference to Your Bookings

Why Chatbots Can Make a Difference to Your Bookings

The potential impact of chatbots on the lodging industry is huge. Imagine the benefits of a concierge or customer service agent, but ones that can be in multiple locations at the same time. Today’s savvy hoteliers are using chatbots to improve the overall customer experience. Your guests can use chatbots on your website. They can […]

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How Technology Is Changing the Face of Your Hotel

It’s no surprise that we live in a digital age. Many people today have great expectations when it comes to their access to the very best in technological conveniences. Technology impacts every part of our lives, and because of this, we are increasingly dependent on it. Because of this, you can expect that technology is […]

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Should You Consider Changing Your DND Signs

Should You Consider Changing Your DND Signs?

For many, hanging the Do Not Disturb sign outside their hotel room door guarantees privacy and often an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Yet, this traditional sign has fallen out of favor as hotels across the United States are ditching their Do Not Disturb (DND) signs. Why? In the wake of the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas […]

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Does Your Hotel Have A Story

Does Your Hotel Have A Story?

What interesting things happen at your hotel that create discussion points for visitors? How do you share these stories? What made you start your hotel? Why did you choose the location? What unique and compelling things are tied to your hotel that help you have engaging conversations with your visitors? In this article, we ask […]

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