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Mobile Web Design for HotelsTravelers, by their very nature, are on the go.  So it’s more important than ever that your website can be viewed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Having an easy to use mobile website for your Hotel, Inn or B&B is key.

Nothing to Install.
It Just Works.

Mobile Websites don’t need to be complicated.  You don’t need to have your own app or install special software to make your website mobile-friendly.  These unreliable solutions only serve to confuse users and make it more difficult for you to keep your website updated.

Hotel Propeller gives you a beautiful mobile website, built-in.  The mobile optimization is designed into the fabric of your site, so that no matter what screen size or device you’re viewing on, your website fits perfectly.

Responsive Website Templates for HotelsWhether you’re on an iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, or any other mobile device (there are new ones coming to market every week!), you can be sure your website works beautifully on all of them.

Responsive Web Design

All of the website templates in our collection were created using a technique known as ‘Responsive Web Design’.  This means your website is designed to scale and adapt itself automatically to fit any screen size, any device.  It has become the standard of modern web design.

Try it for yourself!

Visit the live demo of any of our website templates, such as this one.  First, view it on your computer or laptop.  Then view it on your iPad, iPhone, or other mobile device.  See how everything magically adjusts itself and optimizes for the touch-screen?

That’s Responsive Web Design in action, right under your fingertips!

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