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Web Hosting

Getting your website done used to be a confusing maze of technical jargon and costly services.  Sometimes, it’s not even clear who you’re paying to provide which service?!

You’ve the costs of hiring a web designer.  Then you need to pay for the software platform.  Then you’ve got to purchase web hosting.  Not to mention the costs of marketing and keeping your site updated… The costs and headaches really add up!

So we’re making it simple, and saving you money while we’re at it.

Managed Web Hosting, Included.

Hotel Propeller gives you everything you need, all in one, simple, low-cost package.  You get:

  • Professional Web Design
  • WordPress to make your own updates
  • Web Hosting

That’s right.  Fast, reliable Web Hosting is part of your Hotel Propeller service.  You don’t need to purchase or setup web hosting yourself.  As soon as you sign up, your new site is up-and-running and ready to go!

We Handle The Technical Up-Keep

So what exactly do we mean by “Managed” Web Hosting?  Well, it means you never need to deal with any of the technical maintenance that typically goes along with running your own WordPress website.

Keeping WordPress updated and secure?  We’re on it.

Making sure your website is bug & error-free?  That’s what we do.

Tracking and optimizing the performance of your web server (so your site loads quickly and reliably)?  Always.

Real experts, here to answer your questions — any questions — any time?  Hi.  How can I help?

Ready to start your website?