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Avoid These Common Mistakes First-Time Innkeepers Make

First Time Innkeeper Mistakes
[caption id="attachment_568" align="alignnone" width="660"] First-time innkeepers often target an audience that is too broad.[/caption] Owning and operating an inn is an exciting step for any person. For some, it's a life calling, but it can also be a lifetime undertaking. Whether you're just...
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A Humbling Client Testimonial

The thing I love most about my work on Hotel Propeller isn't that I get to do what I love (designing websites) or share my office space with this furry fella. It's that I get to help small, local business owners, such as B&B and Guest House operators, do amazing things on the web.  Things...
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Hotel Propeller Has Launched!

I'm thrilled to announce, that today, Hotel Propeller has launched our web design service! And... Not only have we unveiled our pricing plans (they're even lower than we had initially anticipated), but we're also running a special promotion during the month of September to celebrate our...
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Seeking Hotel Operators For Featured Interviews

Attention Hotel, BnB, & Resort operators: To kick things off here on the Hotel Propeller blog, we're planning a series of featured interviews with veterans of the Hotel, BnB, and Resort industries.  We want to hear about what you've learned about the business of operating your hotel, hear...
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