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A Humbling Client Testimonial

The thing I love most about my work on Hotel Propeller isn't that I get to do what I love (designing websites) or share my office space with this furry fella. It's that I get to help small, local business owners, such as B&B and Guest House operators, do amazing things on the web.  Things...
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Two New Design Templates!

I hope your 2013 is off to a fantastic start! We're ringing in the New Year with two brand new design templates added to the collection at Hotel Propeller.  That brings the total up to six beautiful options to consider if  you're redesigning your website for your Hotel, B&B or Guest...
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Hotel Propeller Has Launched!

I'm thrilled to announce, that today, Hotel Propeller has launched our web design service! And... Not only have we unveiled our pricing plans (they're even lower than we had initially anticipated), but we're also running a special promotion during the month of September to celebrate our...
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The Secret to Winning Guests From Your B&B’s Website

What separates a professional web designer from a hobbyist? How do the pro's do what they do — design stunning websites that not only look great, but actually convert more visitors into customers, or in the case of Bed and Breakfast websites, more bookings? Well, the professional web...
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