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10 Hotel Trends In 2018 – Is Your Hotel Leading the Way?

10 Hotel Trends In 2018 - Is Your Hotel Leading the Way

One of the most important aspects of being in business is staying on top of trends and keeping up with the changes.

We’ve noticed many new trends as hotels and bed and breakfasts work diligently to stay current.

To hope you continue to grow and maintain your property, we look at 10 hotel trends in 2018 so you can ponder the question, “Is your hotel leading the way?”

#1: The Social Club

With buzzwords like “global community” and “social architecture,” expect more lifestyle hotels on the scene.

These tend to feel more like a social club than a hotel. They often feature a central clubhouse where people can come together for various activities.

These hotels are designed to add a communal type feel to lodging properties where guests can take advantage of exercise classes, massages, concerts, theater and more. What’s offered depends as much on the location as the property.

#2: The Landmark

Expect new hotels all over the United States and the world to pop up in landmark buildings.

Consider the former estate and hunting lodge of the Duke of Marlborough in Buckinghamshire. The Langley is a new luxury hotel and spa set to open this year.

The setting of the manor turned hotel lies in the middle of acres of formal gardens and parklands. It’s 41 rooms and suites are sophisticated and elegant and keep many of the estate’s original features.

In line with trend number one, The Langley will feature restaurants, a wellness center, indoor and outdoor pool, fitness center run by its own personal trainer, thermal area, and spa treatment rooms.

#3: The Connected Room

Look for smart rooms in 2018. Why? Technology is on everyone’s mind, and hotels now and into the future will work to meet the needs of their guests.

Many hotels are investing in the IoT or the Internet of Things. This might include Amazon’s Alexa or the Nest temperature control.

Others might include showers that remember a guest’s preferred temperature or digital wall art where guests can swap out family photos. Some properties might include mirrors with embedded displays where guests can play on-demand workout videos.

Adding technology is a great way to increase your bookings as more and more guests will be looking for this in the future. (tweet this)

#4: The Lifestyle Lobby

Lobbies are changing especially in 2018’s lifestyle hotel brands.

You’ll note that some properties are completely updating their lobbies and turning them into modern workspaces.

You might also find that over time the check-in desk may fade being replaced by a more personal approach. To do this, they’ll replace the formal check-in area with living room-like check in areas that are more intimate.

Weary travelers can relax in reception areas that are more like sitting rooms for their check-in process.

Hotel Trends

#5: The Values Hotel

The Eaton Workshop in Washington is a new hotel targeting liberals. You can expect other hotels to pop up in the coming year that work to communicate a sense of purpose.

This is a difficult proposition, though, and not one to be entered into lightly. After all, you don’t want to alienate potential guests.

So, other hotels might find other ways to appeal to their consumers’ values while trying not to alienate anyone. For example, some hotels might look toward causes that aren’t offensive to people.

#6: The Local Experience

Another trend popping up is the local experience.

Guests want to connect with others, especially locals. Expect hotels to start partnering with local businesses such as artists, distilleries, craft workshops, academic institutions and restaurants.

Hotels will offer more local experiences for their guests helping them connect with the community.

#7: The Food Hall

Travelers are interested in an old British term, “food hall.” These are places where hotels can grow their revenue while enticing new guests to stay.

A food hall might look like a place where restaurants from your city are represented, and travelers can dine from various “booths,” trying multiple restaurants at once.

In today’s modern hotel, a food hall may be in a room with cement floors, subway tile, exposed ductwork, stainless steel and long, antique-looking communal dining tables.

#8: The Airbnb Effect

You may have noticed the increase of Airbnb properties. These are definitely an alternative form of lodging and ones to be aware of.

For hotels to be successful when competing against Airbnb, expect properties to become more home-like in the future.

Think of alternative hospitality when creating a new atmosphere at your property.

#9: The Eco-Friendly Stay

Expect your guests to demand an eco-friendlier stay. Travelers today are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, especially in the Millennial generation.

Your guests want to know that you embrace theses values and are committed to more sustainable guest experiences.

Think responsibly-sourced toiletries, light and air conditioning that turn off automatically when guests leave the room, and the easy towel reuse policy.

#10: The Seamless Guest Experience

The final trend we look at for 2018 isn’t nearly as visible as the others. This is the seamless guest experience.

It’s incredibly important to provide an excellent experience from the moment a potential guest lands on your website through to when they check out of your hotel.

Consider how customers can search for rooms on your website, how easy it is to book, and finally, their experience at your property. If something is amiss when any of these three things, your guests aren’t likely to book, or if they do, they aren’t likely to return or recommend you to others.

Keep your reservation process simple and uncluttered. Consider the user experience on your website so you encourage bookings.

Then, once guests arrive at your hotel, ensure that your check-in process is equally user-friendly.

Consider ways to use technology to automate and streamline your guest journey with your hotel so you create a seamless guest experience from start to finish.

Final Thoughts

Is your hotel leading the way when it comes to these trends in 2018? If not, don’t get overwhelmed.

To begin taking on the trends, pick one to start. Brainstorm ways you might bring one of these trends to your property. Consider how it will affect your guests as well as your operating procedures.

Once you’ve got some ideas, create a plan for instituting one of these trends in your hotel.

At Hotel Propeller, we build functional, beautiful websites that utilize your star ratings to help you stand out in the crowd. You’ll find everything you need to attract guests to your website and compel visitors to make a reservation. Take a look at our showcase and contact us today. 

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