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15 Content Ideas for an Email Newsletter for Your B&B

15 Content Ideas for an Email Newsletter for Your B&B

Email marketing is the single best way to communicate with your hotel guests. It builds loyalty and encourages them to visit your property again and again.

While you may have heard email is dead, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to one survey, email continues to grow with nearly 270 billion emails sent every day.

Even more impressive is that email produces big when it comes to ROI (return on investment). Analysts say that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get $38 in return.

With all of these reasons to boost your email marketing, let’s look at 15 content ideas for an email newsletter for your B&B.

#1: Share Reviews

Your current and future customers want to know what others think of your bed and breakfast.

They often look for reviews before booking the first time. So, you might be wondering why you need to continue to share reviews through email after their first visit.

It’s important to continue to build a relationship of trustworthiness with your guest. You want to gain their return visit. You don’t want them to try another property and sharing reviews through email helps to build their loyalty.

Get creative and highlight a new customer every week or every month. Do include photos and videos to lend validity to the review.

#2: Show Recognition

If your bed and breakfast was recognized in your community or nationally, you want to share the news with your email list.

Like reviews, this builds brand loyalty.

It also lets your customers share in your joy. They may feel a part of the good news because they stayed at your B&B and can identify with your reward.

#3: Use Top 10 Lists

Hotel customers love top 10 lists. By providing them ten reasons to return to your hotel, 10 places to eat, or 10 new things to do in your city, you create renewed interest in your B&B.

What’s more, lists engage your customers and make it easy for them to digest the information.

It’s easy to create these lists. Again, use photos and videos to pique interest.

#4: Provide Travel Tips

The rules for travel are always changing, especially air travel.

Write blogs that include tips about travel to help your guests and link to them through your email newsletter.

Doing this makes you the trusted source for all tips travel related. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Packing tips
  • Traveling with small children
  • What to expect on a train
  • How to stay safe while traveling
  • What’s best for your pets

#5: Show a Peek Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes to see what goes on in the “secret” areas of your hotel.

Social media has created voyeurs of most people.

So, let your guests know what’s going on by posting photos of your team members getting rooms ready, preparing meals, prepping for an event, or laughing at staff meetings.

Another fun idea is to take guests on a video tour of your B&B and sharing it through email.

Your goal is to humanize your staff and let people see what makes your B&B tick.

#6: Highlight Your Recipes

Since you run a bed and breakfast, you know your food is a likely draw for your guests to return.

You can use food and recipes as a content idea for your email newsletter.

Consider these ideas:

  • Share video recipes
  • Share text/photo recipes
  • Highlight your favorite wine
  • Review local food spots for lunch and dinner
  • Interview top chefs in town
  • Share why you love to cook
  • Highlight your favorite recipes or food

#7: Include Inspiration

You want your customers to feel good about your B&B, so share some inspiring quotes.

These could be travel or vacation related, humorous or food related.

#8: Share Blog Posts

You spend a lot of time writing your B&B blog posts. Make it easy for your guests to find all your creative content by sharing it through email.

When creating your newsletter, include the blog post photo and a short sentence teaser for the blog post with a call to action button to encourage your email subscribers to click and read more.

Content Ideas

#9: Showcase Your Rooms

If you’re adding new rooms or updating existing ones, you want to share this through your email newsletter, too.

This provides excitement and lets your guests know your interested in maximizing their stay and renovating to meet their needs.

Even if you haven’t added or changed rooms, you can still highlight them in your email marketing.

#10: Introduce Your Team

Let your email subscribers get to know your B&B team. Perhaps this is you and your partner. It may be your chef, your gardener or your event planner.

The key here is to let your staff shine so people want to come and meet them.

#11: Share Special Events

Are you having any special events at your B&B?

Perhaps you’re hosting a wine tasting or a wildlife festival. Or, maybe you’re hosting a weekend long cooking event.

Any time you have a special event, it’s a great idea to share it through email.

#12: Host a Contest

Give something away and share it through social media.

This might be tickets to a local event, a gift card for a dinner out or a bottle of wine.

Include the details and a link to enter in your email newsletter.

#13: Be Humorous

You run a B&B and entertain guests all year long, so you’re bound to have a funny story or anecdote to share.

Humor draws people in and helps them engage with your bed and breakfast. Just be sure to get permission before you showcase a funny story about someone.

#14: Add Historical Trivia

Many B&Bs are on historical sites or in older houses.

Your email list will love to hear about days of old. Dig up some historical facts and share this trivia. This might even entice a return visit.

#15: Host FAQs

Do you answer the same questions day after day?

If so, share some FAQs with your email subscribers. They’ll appreciate the kindness, especially when they consider returning to your city, and hopefully your B&B.

Final Thoughts

Your email subscribers want to hear from you. After all, that’s why they signed up for your list.

It’s imperative to keep your email subscribers engaged, and you do this by providing creative, interesting and engaging content on an ongoing basis. (tweet this)

Finally, decide on an email strategy. For starters, you might aim for once a week. If that’s too much for you, try bi-weekly. The key is to be consistent, so your email subscribers know when to expect your email and even look forward to it.

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