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5 Small Upgrades Your Inn Needs to Make a Big Impression

5 Small Upgrades Your Inn Needs to Make a Big Impression

The hotel industry is highly competitive, and you may be wondering how to make your inn stand out. You want to set your property apart from the crowd and create a wonderful experience for your guests.

It’s quite important for your overall success to present your inn in the best light possible. When your guests are happy, they tell others about your property, and this in turn gets you more bookings.

What’s more, happy guests head to the internet to leave you reviews. Research shows that when you have positive online reviews for your inn, you can experience a 1.42% increase in revenue per room.

In this article, we look at five small upgrades your inn or bed and breakfast needs to make a big impression.

#1: Enhance Your Landscaping

The outside of your inn is the first thing your guests see as they walk up to your front door. This is your first property upgrade.

You want this area to be warm and inviting. It should set the stage for everything your guests are going to experience once they open the door and walk inside.

By making small upgrades you can really harness the power of first impressions. For example, you can add some flowerpots with well-maintained flowers and plants. Pick a color scheme and stick with it. You might choose a color scheme of pink and yellow. Or you might simply choose greenery such as ferns.

Make sure that your bushes and trees are pruned and well-kept. You can also add some statement pavers to lead guests up to your inn.

In addition, consider painting your front door. The color you choose depends on the color of your inn, but you might want to pick a color that stands out.

These small upgrades are easy to handle on your own, or you can hire someone to take care of these landscaping ideas.

#2: Upgrade Your Reception Area

Once you’ve upgraded your landscaping in the front of the inn, you want to set the stage for your inn in your reception area.

This is a great place to make some small upgrades. You can make a great first impression here. Pay attention to the small details, and your guests will feel welcomed immediately.

These are the crucial first moments. You want the area to feel inviting, and you want your guests to feel welcome and excited to be at your inn.

Let your reception area tell the story of your inn. For example, if your inn is located in a forested, snowy area where skiing is popular, your inn can reflect this. You might use earthy paint colors, warm and inviting furniture, and some mountain themed prints.

Conversely, if your inn is in a tropical resort, your reception area décor will look lighter and more colorful.

Your reception area is the first real time interaction your guests have with you and your inn, so create the image that closely reflects your brand.

Don’t forget the reception desk at your b&b, too. It, too, should reflect your brand and the atmosphere of the inn.

small upgrades

#3: Go Green

Another small upgrade your inn needs to make a big impression is to make a visible commitment to sustainability. (tweet this)

Caring about the environment is important to many people these days and doing your part can really make an impact on your guests. You can also share about it on your website, so your customers know about it from the minute they visit your site.

First, offer recycling. Set up nice looking receptacles for glass, aluminum, paper, etc. Next, consider setting your inn up with a composting service. You can use this in your kitchen and compost food scraps.

Another tip is to get rid of the single use plastic shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles. Put reusable pump bottles in your shower and on the walls of your bathroom. You can refill these with aromatherapy instead of using small plastic bottles. You’ll find your guests really appreciate the touch.

Install low-flush toilets and ask your guests to reuse their towels.

If you offer food at your inn, consider adding a kitchen garden or even a larger garden. Your guests will also really like the farm to table food. Consider only purchasing ingredients locally and be sure and let your guests know you are caring for the environment by sourcing sustainable, locally grown food.

#4: Set Up a Library

When people make a reservation at your inn, they’re most likely looking for a more personal approach. They want to stay somewhere that feels like home.

Make another small upgrade by setting up a library. This might be in a small room on the ground floor or even on a wall in your reception area.

Encourage guests to borrow books and even leave their own books behind when they’re finished.

#5: Add New Linens and Mattresses

Another small upgrade that makes a big impression to your inn or b&b is attending to your bedding.

Make your guests feel like they’re sleeping in luxury by upgrading not only your linens but your mattresses. You can find many affordable options for high quality, comfortable mattresses. Top them off with high thread count sheets and cozy comforters and pillows that make your inn shine.

Final Thoughts

Making small upgrades to your inn can make a big impression. In today’s digital age, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your customers have a positive experience. (tweet this)

When your customers have a positive experience, they’ll not only share about it with their friends and family, but they will share about it online. Ultimately this increases your booking and revenue because more people will hear about how you go above and beyond.

Little changes can have a big impact. When considering small upgrades, think about your guests. Think about what they might need and want. If you aren’t sure, you can simply ask them.

Create the warmest, most inviting spaces you can, undertake some property upgrades, and they’ll come back again and again.

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