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5 Things Your Guests Wish Hoteliers Knew They Wanted

7 Things Your Guests Wish Hoteliers Knew They Wanted

Hoteliers generally want to increase customer retention. The most important thing you can do to accomplish this is provide your hotel guests with top notch service that meets all of their needs. This is the single best way to make your customer’s happy, garner repeat business, and get good online reviews.

That is easier said than done, though. Why? Some hotel owners aren’t quite sure what their guests want. So, to help you, we’ve put together a list of five things your guests wish hoteliers knew they wanted.

#1: Responsive Customer Service

What your guests want starts off with one simple premise. They want you, the hotelier, and your staff to be approachable and reactive. They want you to provide what they need without them asking for it. And if they do ask for it, they want you to respond positively.

Your hotel guests want you to meet all of their expectations. In fact, they might not even know exactly what those expectations are until you fail to meet them. So, if you’re responsive and attentive, you can make sure you never fall short of meeting those expectations. (tweet this)

Create an experience that allows you and your staff to meet all of your customers’ needs. Their stay should be memorable, and your service should be attentive.

You’ll find that especially today’s hotel guests want to feel appreciated by you. They want to feel welcome in your hotel and respected. After all, they are helping your bottom line by staying at your hotel.

How do you provide this excellent service? You train and retrain your staff over and over. First, onboard your team as you hire them with customer service training. Then, provide refreshers to their training on an ongoing basis.

Finally, make sure your staff knows how to handle your customers at all times. Help your staff know how to provide great service at various touchpoints throughout  your guest’s stay, and you’ll find that your reviews gradually start to improve.

#2: A Personalized Stay

Along with customer experience, your guests wish you knew they wanted a personalized experience.

In fact, according to Forbes, you need to provide a personalized experience or “perish,” and that “personalization has become a key indicator of brand success.”

Bottomline – your hotel guests expect you to remember them. For example, if they’ve stayed with you before and asked for extra pillows, you want to provide them with real pillows on their next stay. Consider providing a note recognizing their personal needs.

Personalization is key to extended hospitality to your hotel guests. It shows your customers you value them and respect their preferences. By personalizing their experience, you can radically improve your retention rates.

One other personalization tip is to train your staff to greet your guests with their name. Meet their needs by providing a personal touch. You can engage chat bots and high tech to keep track of these things for you to make sure you are able to enhance the guest experience and streamline their stay.

#3: Eco-Friendly Options

Many of your hotel guests, and especially Gen Zers and Millennials, care about sustainability.

They want to know what hoteliers are doing to protect the environment, so if you’re doing something make sure to let them know.

For example, if you’re making your hotel eco-friendly by composting, put signs around your hotel to share the news. In addition, consider the following sustainability options:

  • Use refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion instead of single use bottles.
  • Compost waste.
  • Donate food you aren’t using.
  • Install solar panels.
  • Use Energy Star appliances.
  • If you have a restaurant, use locally grown fruit, vegetables, bread, dairy, and meat products.
  • Use bamboo toilet paper.

The key here is that your guests wish you knew they cared about the environment, and they want to know you do, too.

#4: Technology

Your guests also wish you knew they want top notch technology.

For example, they’d love digital key-less entry so they can use their smartphone to open their hotel room door.

They would also like better in-room technology like higher speed Wi-Fi.

In addition, many of your hotel guests would like the ability to check themselves in through a self-check app on their phones.

Your hotel guests ultimately wish you had a hotel app where they could maintain all communications with you and where they could have information right where they need it.

Finally, don’t forget a loyalty program. This can be a part of your app, and it’s something your customers are looking for.

#5: Give Them Something Unique

When it comes to guest services, you want to look further than traditional hospitality.

Today’s hotel guests want much more than to stay in a place that feels as comfortable as home. They want a real experience, something that provides them with a unique encounter.

For example, Millennial travelers want to be immersed in culture. They want to experience the different things your city has to offer.

Your hotel guests are looking for something that is “share-worthy.” They’re looking for something they can share on social media. This is good for you, too, because as they share it, they’ll likely tag your hotel.

The best thing hoteliers can do is look for ways to set your property apart from the competition. For example, help your guests create lasting memories through unique tourist attractions, the best cuisine and dining experiences, and other local opportunities.

Another way to provide a unique experience is by furnishing your hotel rooms with modern, comfortable furniture that doesn’t “look” like hotel furniture.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the five things your guests wish hoteliers knew they wanted, you are well poised to improve your guest services.

Take these tips and make an action plan and strategy for going above and beyond. You’ll find that when you do, you can beat the competition and improve your overall bottom line.

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