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5 Ways to Market Your Region, Not Just Your Bed & Breakfast

5 Ways to Market Your Region, Not Just Your Bed & BreakfastWhen it comes to marketing your bed and breakfast, you know you need to find your niche, highlight what sets your lodging property apart, concentrate on social media, and use professional photography on your website.

This is all perfect for your property. This marketing helps your bed and breakfast stand out from all the other properties in your area. It attracts lodgers to your bed and breakfast instead of another option in your region.

But, have you ever wondered how to market your region so you can attract more people to your city and ultimately to your bed and breakfast?

In this article, we look at five ways to market your region, not just your bed and breakfast.

#1: Market to People with Travel Intent

While many people are looking for lodging in specific cities, you’ll find that many others are simply looking to travel, but they don’t know where they want to go.

These people are considering a trip, and this is a great audience to market to. You can market to these people on Facebook and Google using both organic posts and paid ads.

When you market to the audience of people with travel intent, remember that they haven’t even visited your website yet. You are marketing to them to promote your region and thus your bed and breakfast. (tweet this)

You are delivering content to people who simply plan to travel at some point. They have no specific destination they’re planning to visit, and you can use this opportunity to encourage them to come to your city.

#2: Establish Your Bed and Breakfast as a Traveler’s Guide

This is your chance to become a guide for future visitors by highlighting area amenities.

Concentrate on your website presence and your social media pages. Fill them with the following:

  • Travel tips – for example, you can add blog content featuring what to pack for different seasons of the year. This content can help people looking for particular weather to decide whether or not your region is right for them.
  • Have a place on your website where you keep an updated list on local events. Write a little blurb about each one to help potential lodgers see what might interest them.
  • Share photos from tourist highlights around town.
  • Keep a list of babysitters and pet sitters (if you’re pet friendly) and let people know you have this list by having a section on your website about it.

#3: Highlight Your Region’s History and Culture

You can also use your website and social media pages to showcase this information. This way when people are searching the internet, your website is likely to pop-up if your region’s history and culture matches the web search.

While you definitely need to highlight well-known attractions and tourist spots, you want to have an area on your website where you share things only locals will know.

Let your potential guests know how they can feel a part of your community be experience your city’s rich history and culture. Look for obscure facts that are interesting and might grab someone’s attention.

You can increase your bookings by increasing tourism in your region by highlighting what makes your history special and worthy of a potential guest’s interest.

Finally, don’t forget to use beautiful imagery with your details about your history and culture.

#4: Highlight the Foodie Culture

Many travelers like to travel to regions know for their outstanding restaurants and regional cuisines.

In addition, you’ll find some travelers like to base their travel around local food festivals. For example, if your town has a Korean festival or a well-known taco festival, these are things you can promote on your website and social media platforms.

Consider enlisting the help and expertise of a food blogger to create guest blogs for you on your website. You and the blogger can discuss local dishes and the best places to find them.

You can also highlight a restaurant list on your website with descriptions of local favorites.

Don’t forget to include things like where people can find their midnight ice cream snack, an early morning latte, or a late night plate of fries.

Along with the list of local events, be sure to add all of your region’s food festivals and pertinent information such as cost, location, and description.

Using food content on your website helps market your region and bring customers to your bed and breakfast.

#5: Highlight Outdoor Experiences

After spending two years in some form of lock down, today’s travelers want to get outside. They want to relish nature, and they really appreciate the environment.

Be sure to highlight the things potential guests to your region can do outside. This may be the beach, the mountains, the hills, national parks, lakes, and other natural attractions.

If there are options for outdoor recreation, be sure to include them on your website and social media.

Final Thoughts

A well-known quote from the 1870s, Well, home, they say, is where the heart is,” can really help you market your region and not just your bed and breakfast.

Use your website and other digital platforms to put your heart into your regional marketing. Let people know what you love about your city. (tweet this)

Highlight things like your favorite restaurants, the best boutiques, the most unique lake, the perfect hiking spot, or the best scenic drive. Use your own personal stories to drive the narrative.

You’ll find that while you are showcasing the things you love and appreciate about your region, you are likewise enticing potential travelers to your area and to your bed and breakfast.

Authentic marketing always wins, and this is your chance to use it to sell your region and your property honestly and authentically.

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Images: May Gauthier and freestocks on Unsplash

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