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6 Travel Trends Your Hotel Can Prepare for in 2022

6 Travel Trends Your Hotel Can Prepare for in 2022

The Covid pandemic has changed life as we know it. This includes everything from day to day living to what is available to purchase and to what vacations and travel look like.

As countries re-open and travel begins to accelerate, people have new priorities. Travel is opening back up, but the pandemic created some new expectations of travelers. Their priorities have changed, and they are looking for specific things when they travel.

This is where your hotel property comes in. We look at six travel trends your hotel can prepare for in 2022 to be ready for an influx of visitors.

#1: Safety While Traveling

People have spent a long time over the last few years cocooned at home, feeling safe and secure. While they want to get out and explore the world again, they want to feel safe while doing so.

Your guests will be even more concerned that their hotel rooms feel clean and sanitized. In addition, they want your restaurant, meeting rooms, and common areas to have that same sanitized feeling.

You can accommodate this trend now by making sure you are informing your guests about your cleaning protocols. You can have hand sanitizer readily available. And, you can rethink how your restaurant dining room works for safety, especially if your food is buffet style.

Consider the contact-less experience for your guests. Digital keys are a helpful option. An app for your hotel can also help create a contactless experience that feels safe to your guests.

#2: Travel with a Pet

Pet ownership has certainly grown over the course of the pandemic. With two out of every three homes in America with a pet, people have never been closer to their animals. With 95% of these people considering their pets as family members, you can see how they might be part of an emerging trend.

This travel trend is simply that pet owners want to vacation  with their pets. This is traditionally a dog.

You’ll find that 2022 has more people than ever using the “pet friendly” filter when looking for lodging accommodations.

Do more than making your hotel accessible to pets. Make it pet friendly by offering your four-legged guests some amenities of their own. Consider pet beds, a small sack of treats in the room, or a dog bowl in each room or in the lobby. (tweet this)

#3: Concerns About Sustainability

Climate change is on the news every week. Since the onset of the pandemic more people have gotten on board with environmentally friendly practices. Whether this is because they had more time on their hands, or they realized they couldn’t find as much toilet paper as they needed, people want to see their favorite bands moving toward sustainability as well.

Several things you can do to meet this travel trend head on are:

  • Recycle everything you can. Put receptacles around your property for plastic, cans, and compostables.
  • Check with your local composters and start a program at your property. This also includes purchasing compostable plates, napkins, cups, and silverware if you use disposable goods.
  • Save on water. Put signs up in your bathrooms asking people to help you conserve water by reusing their towels.
  • Install refillable containers for shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. This way your guests aren’t throwing away the small bottles of personal products.
  • Take care in your restaurants to create innovative recycling programs. Consider rooftop gardens and solar panels. You can also consider reducing portion size as this helps conserve resources as well.

Help your guests see that you are working toward reducing your carbon footprint. They will really appreciate your being more eco conscious. This in turn creates brand loyalty.

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#4: Wellness Vacations

For two years now people have been hyper concerned with their health. This includes their physical as well as their mental health.

You’ll see travelers in 2022 looking for exercise facilities, access to outdoor workout spaces, spa experiences, local wellness amenities, and more.

The travelers of 2022 want to feel good while they travel. They want to take care of their overall health and well-being. If your hotel can in anyway help them with this, you’ll find more guests reserving your rooms.

#5: Extended Stay Deals

Another trend that began during the pandemic is more people began working from home. This has continued to this day.

What does this mean for your lodging property? It means you will encounter more travelers looking for extended stay deals. These people are the “work-cation travelers.”

They can work and play at the same time. With their laptop and cellphone in hand, they can live anywhere and complete their work activities.

Consider offering extended stay deals for remote workers. Encourage them to stay for several weeks or even several months with some special deals.

#6: The Goat Experience

A recent Expedia report shows travelers have new priorities in 2022. This report found that most travelers are looking toward the GOAT (Greatest of All Trips) mindset when they plan their travel.

Bottom line – travelers are looking to splurge on a big trip, and this is one of the most important travel trends in 2022. They want to splurge on their vacation and go somewhere really special.

Your hotel can take advantage of this trend by capitalizing on the GOAT mindset and offering your lodgers something spectacular and memorable.

Put together packages that incorporate lodging as well as local attractions. Create the perfect GOAT trip for your guests.

Final Thoughts on Travel Trends

As you look at the six travel trends your hotel can prepare for in 2022, don’t forget one of the most important trends.

That is customer service and the wow factor.

Personalize the service you offer each of your hotel guests. Make them feel like they’ve known you for years. Provide the most exceptional service you can and set your hotel apart from the competition.

While you can meet all the trends mentioned here, the single most important thing you can do is provide top notch customer service. Once you’ve perfected that, the trends mentioned here are easy to incorporate.

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