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7 Tips for Creating Compelling Listings for Your Bed & Breakfast

7 Tips for Creating Compelling Listings for Your Bed & Breakfast

When travelers are looking for bed and breakfast lodging, you know they are looking for something more than the traditional hotel.

These travelers are looking for an experience. They want a cozy place to stay full of hospitality, ambiance, and terrific customer service. To get them to choose your bed and breakfast, you have to entice them with your bed and breakfast listings.

In this article, we look at seven tips for creating compelling listings for your bed and breakfast to advertise your property in the most efficient way.

#1: Write Captivating Content

Your content is what grabs your potential bed and breakfast guests. It also helps search engines find your listing.

In fact, your content is what boosts the likelihood that someone will book your property.

You want to be careful with your content, though. You don’t want it to sound like a sales pitch. It shouldn’t sound like an advertisement even though it is.

Craft your content in a natural and honest manner. Be true to your bed and breakfast and tell your readers just exactly what they can expect at your property. Explain it thoroughly. Use adjectives and make sure it sounds enticing and captivating.

Don’t forget to also highlight your bed and breakfasts menu items. For example, if you have a special chef or a special menu item that draws lodgers back again and again, showcase this in your content.

Tell your customers what separates your property from others in the area. Finally, do describe any nearby attractions as well.

#2: Hire a Professional Writer

Another tip for creating compelling content is to hire a professional writer. This is especially true if you don’t feel like you can write incredible content on your own.

When you hire a professional writer, they’ll create a story about your bed and breakfast.

They are incredibly in tuned to how to brand your property and write just the right story to draw people in your bed and breakfast listings.

#3: Use Beautiful, Professional Photos

According to Expedia,  listings with high-quality photos have a 63% higher click-through rate than those that don’t.

When it comes to creating compelling content with your photos, it’s imperative that you use professional quality photos that really highlight your bed and breakfast.

Choose images that showcase each room of your bed and breakfast. Be sure to highlight any parts of your bed and breakfast that really shine. Here are some tips:

  • Use two to four photos per room. Include the room and the bathroom.
  • Show the outside of your bed and breakfast. Take a photo from the inside looking out as well as from the outside.
  • Take photos of any amenities like your dining area, fitness or spa area, outdoor gardens, and more.
  • Show photos of the interior as guests walk in.
  • Choose one really great primary image.

Don’t use any cheesy photos. Keep them professional and frame each shot to drive people to your website.

Finally, make sure your photos match your content and contribute to the overall story.

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#4: Be Original

When it comes to your compelling content, you want to be original. Your listings should be different than the content that is on your website.

You want to be original because Google doesn’t like duplicate content. If Google finds two places with the same content, it isn’t sure where to send website visitors, and it starts to think one stole from the other. The result? Both sites rank lower on search engine results pages.

What you can do is use the content on your website and reinvent it. You can use different descriptors and write it more creatively. Again, if you need help, look for a professional writer for assistance.

#5: Use Hook and Story

This method involves writing a hook. This hook literally “hooks” the reader with an opening sentence or a headline.

This hook tells your potential bed and breakfast guests exactly why they should stay with you. This is your most important statement and encapsulates your brand.

After this, you can then write your story and include your features and amenities.

#6: Use Keywords

Another important part of creating compelling listings for your bed and breakfast is to use the right keywords throughout your content.

You want to use strategic words and key phrases in your content to attract Google’s search engine.

Keywords are important not only for Google but to attract potential guests. For example, if your bed and breakfast guests want a four-star chef, if you use that term in your keywords, they’re more likely to notice it.

Consider all the keywords that your potential visitors will be searching for and try to use them.

#7: Include Reviews

The last tip for creating compelling bed and breakfast listings is to include some of your best reviews in your bed and breakfast listing.

If people think your property is amazing, you want to share that in your listing. This will help encourage your viewers to go ahead and book your property.

In addition, if others are recommending your property, add those as well.

It’s a well-studied fact that more than 90% of consumers read online reviews before they visit your bed and breakfast. What’s more, 885 of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations.

Do be sure to use fresh reviews. Don’t let your listings sit for extended periods of time without refreshing the reviews. This way repeat viewers of your listings will see more each time. (tweet this)

So, you can see how important it is to include reviews in your compelling online listings.

Final Thoughts

To really make your bed and breakfast online listing pop, you need to create top quality, compelling content. This helps you market your bed and breakfast to keep your property booked.

Your listing needs to stand out to attract potential guests. You have a lot of competition, and by following the seven tips listed here for creating compelling listings for your bed and breakfast, you’ll take the lead over other properties in the area.

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Images: David B Townsend and Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash

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