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Crazy for Pinterest! How to use Pinterest to Promote Your Inn or B&B

Pinterest for B and Bs

Your photos and themes on Pinterest should tell a story.

After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is now the third largest social networking site. This is an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses in the hotel industry.

How can you get the most out of Pinterest for your B&B? Use this three-step guide to get started…

Step 1: Join as a business

Having a personal account linked to your B&B isn’t enough. You should have a Pinterest account that proudly displays your B&B’s name as its username.

A business account puts across a more professional tone. It also helps people associate your images directly with the quality of your business. It’s an opportunity to get your name in front of more people.

You’ll also get access to some useful tools that aren’t available with a personal account, like the recently added analytics tool. This can help you track info like how many people Pinterest is directing to your main website. Analytics also track the number of people who see your pins. Use these stats to learn what works best for your B&B on Pinterest.

Another benefit? As a business account you’ll get updated by email on new features.

The best part is that all of this is free!

Join as a business and add your basic info to get started. If you already have a personal account with a good following, you can also convert to a business account.

Remember to include your website and keywords!

Step 2: Set your strategy

Before you set up your account, think about what its main purpose will be. Do you want to give curious travelers a better image of your B&B? Keep in touch with past guests? Network with other B&B owners and businesses in your area?

Whether it’s just one goal or a mixture of these, it’s good to be conscious of them before you start posting. That way you can get a general direction for the posts.

Take a few minutes to write down the top goals of your Pinterest account. Number them according to priorities.

With Pinterest, you should also think about themes.

What’s the best way to translate the essence of your B&B into photos? What will motivate people to book a room at your B&B, and what might turn them off?

If you’re located in an area with distinctly different seasons, it might be effective to have themed ‘boards’ for each of the four seasons. If you’re passionate about homemade meals, you could create separate boards for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

People LOVE food especially when treavling. Unique food on B&B Pinterest always get attention. (tweet this)

Building a story behind your B&B is another great way to engage your followers.

The more creative your strategy, the better.

The order of your boards matters. Try to feature your B&B exclusively in at least one of the boards in your top row.

Have a look at these B&B’s on Pinterest for more ideas:

Step 3: Start pinning!

Pinterest for Inns

Photos can really sell your B&B experience. That makes Pinterest the perfect marketing channel.

Now that you have your strategy, start adding photos and interacting with other accounts!

Make sure not to market your B&B too blatantly. You want to offer something more.

Creative and original ideas get the most re-pins on Pinterest for B&Bs. Use your account to share unique design tips, recipes, or any other useful tidbits related to your B&B.¬†(tweet this) The White Swan Inn offers boards like “garden ideas” and “delicious breakfasts.” If you have a great idea you want to share with fellow inn-owners, Pinterest is a perfect way to do it.

Keep in mind that there’s two things Pinterest really loves: food and design ideas!!

Connect and interact. Join group boards that are relevant to your community and the B&B industry. You can also host your own group board if one doesn’t exist for your area. Network by sharing images from nearby restaurants and stores.¬†Whenever you repin something, you’ll show up on the original pinner’s profile.

You’ll naturally attract more followers as you build content, but try these ideas to add an extra boost your Pinterest traffic;

  • Add a “Pin It” button to images and other content on your website
  • Create a Pinterest tab on Facebook
  • Add a community board where guests can pin their own images
  • Use hashtags and keywords to attract more views

Need more content for Pinterest? Check out Marcus Berg’s guest post on how to photograph your B&B like a pro.

Have you used Pinterest for your Inn or B&B? Share your experience with other owners in the comments.

Photos by Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn on Pinterest and Country Villa Bed and Breakfast on Pinterest

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