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How to Integrate TripAdvisor on Your Hotel Website

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TripAdvisor is very visual and a great place for amazing photos.

Are you making the most of TripAdvisor on your hotel website?

Use this widely trusted travel site to boost your reputation. Do it right from your official website…

Show Off with Widgets


Showcase your reviews with Hotel Propeller

TripAdvisor reviews and ratings are a fantastic testimonial to your quality. At the same time, no hotel manager wants to keep copying and pasting new reviews. That’s why TripAdvisor developed their own widgets.

Widgets are little application boxes that make it easier to feature content from an external site.

See the Westside Gueshouse for a preview. I love the visual elements of the traveler rating and popularity index.

5/5 rating and #1 place to stay in the area? Instant validation.

Add your own widgets! Start by searching your business from the widgets page. I’ve searched Chicago’s Wicker Park Inn for a quick example. You’ll see several options for websites and social media.

Which options should you use? It depends how much TripAdvisor content you want to feature on your site. Pick and choose according to your site’s design and themes.

Sometimes you’ll want to hand-pick your best reviews to display on your website.

Not sure how to put reviews on your website? TripAdvisor provides you with the embed code for the widget. You can put that in the code on your website.

And to make it easy, Hotel Propeller gives you the ability to showcase your best reviews anywhere on your website.

Ratings and Reviews

B&B TripAdvisor Reviews

Share your TripAdvisor reviews on your website.

Use TripAdvisor on your site to show off past guests’ feedback to appeal to new customers.

For B&Bs, reviews are social proof and they win over new customers. (tweet this)

Ratings and reviews widgets are perfect for the busy hotel owner. They provide a way to keep your site current without actually doing much. TripAdvisor keeps adding new content for you, and your site stays up-to-date.

Collecting reviews is also easier with TripAdvisor. Just having the main widget on your page is a start, but sometimes your guests need a little prompting. Especially for positive reviews, past customers will be more likely to give their feedback with a friendly reminder.

Add a link to your landing page that encourages TripAdvisor reviews. This lets site visitors know you care about their opinion. You’ll also get plenty more valuable feedback.

Check out how Zen Namkhan incorporates a “write a review” widget along the sidebar. This one’s not too pushy, yet tough to miss.

Connect to the Community

Share the love!

TripAdvisor isn’t just for hotels. It’s a widely used site for restaurants, spas, and other nearby attractions. Use their reputable listings to connect with your community.

B&Bs can use TripAdvisor to connect and partner with other businesses like restaurants and spas. (tweet this)

Your website can benefit from linking out to TripAdvisor’s new offline city guides. These help potential travelers get more acquainted with your city. Linking to your city will send two positive messages – you take pride in your city and you really care about your guests’ whole visitor experience.

TripAdvisor also offers a “What’s Nearby” widget to promote businesses near your hotel. This is a fantastic option to integrate into your contact page. It’s an interactive map centered on your location, showing nearby listings like restaurants and “Things to Do.”

I remember mentioning in a previous post that hotel websites should always provide some local context. Use TripAdvisor to help travelers fall in love with your area!

Awards and Badges

Time to show off a little!

TripAdvisor uses feedback from its millions of reviews and ratings to pick out the best hotels in your region. These are an invaluable testament to your quality.

The Traveler’s Choice and Certificate of Excellence are most coveted. If you have them, sport these on your website’s landing page. Your bookings will jump.

I was especially excited to hear about TripAdvisor’s recent GreenLeaders program for more eco-friendly businesses. This is a great way to reach out to the growing eco-conscious market. Reduce your footprint for a higher score.

Congrats to Westside for their recent GreenLeaders Bronze!

Social Media Icons

That little list of social media icons is now a staple of most business websites. These are the linked images usually at the bottom or side navigation bar. Scroll down the Milestone Inn’s site for an example in action.

For sites in the hotel industry, never leave out the TripAdvisor owl! Use their standard icon or customize to suit your website’s theme. As customers check you out on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, they’ll be encouraged to find you on TripAdvisor too.

TripAdvisor is the perfect way to show off your quality in a connected, updated way. Integrate these elements into your hotel’s site to boost your online reputation.

Remember – always reply to reviews and update your listing for the best results!

Do you want a website that makes it easy to integrate TripAdvisor and other social media icons for your B&B? Try Hotel Propeller for free.

Photos by TripAdvisor and Inn Weston

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