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15 Ways Your B&B Can Use Visuals on Social Media

Bed and Breakfast Breakfast

B&B guests love local food at the recommendation of their host.

With the wide range of social media available today, you don’t need much to promote your B&B online. Get started by enhancing your B&B’s web image with these tips for using visuals for B&B social media…

1. Your signature photo

Choose a single photo that represents the essence of your B&B. Use this photo as your online avatar for every social media profile (Google Places, Facebook, Twitter). This keeps your image consistent, and helps people recognize you across multiple platforms.

2.  Title your image files strategically

Many people search Google Images to get a sense of a new place. Try different search terms related to your B&B, and look at the file names and sites of the top images. Rename your images using similar keywords to get your own images at the top of the list! B&B customers are very visual. Using photos will get your B&B noticed! (tweet this)

3. Connect to local places

Remember to add place names in your image captions. Especially if you’re part of a small town, your B&B will become part of the community’s online imagery. Tip: Take a photo down your street on a sunny day, and add it to your Flickr account with the name of the street in the caption.

4. Find your niche

What is the most unique aspect of your B&B? Was it once a schoolhouse? What type of neighborhood are you in? Identify one or two niche interests, and build on those with your image posts. If you have Victorian era furniture, for example, create a group for Victorian antiques on Pinterest and add photos of your best pieces.

5. Get historical

People love to know the story behind the places they visit. If possible, find historical photos of your building and include them on your social networks. You may even add them to groups about the town such as the historical society’s page. Post a photo of your B&B when it was first built. If there’s a family history behind the building, add a photo of your great aunt or uncle working on the premises.

6. Always include the views

Views are one of the first types of images people look for when browsing B&B’s. Make sure to add some clear, appealing images of the scenery from your windows.

7. Create event albums

Bed and Breakfast Detailed Visuals

It’s all in the details for your B&B. Capture those details in photos.

Does your B&B hold a weekly book club? Art or music shows? For every event you host, designate someone to take a few tasteful shots of the event setup and guests. Create a separate album for each event and share it on your social networks.

8. Feature home-cooked meals

Enticing photos of food, kitchen, preparation, and table settings will always attract positive attention. Check out the Ramsey House B&B’s Instagram feed for some inspiration. People love food and when they travel they focus on local dishes at the recommendation of their B&B host. (tweet this)

9. Involve your guests

Capture images which show the essence if your clientele. Ask returning guests if they mind being part of your online photo album. Encourage guests to add their own images to your Facebook page, and to connect with you via your social networks. This all adds to the social aspect that draws many people to stay at B&B’s over other types of accommodation.

10. Be an inspiration

Photograph specific projects that might inspire other B&B owners, interior designers, chefs or gardeners. I once noticed a small inn owner at a southern B&B had used an old factory boiler as a beautiful garden container. Posting images of ideas like this will get people excited about your business.

11. Post photos on the go

Invest in a mobile phone with a good camera, and use this to enhance your B&B’s imagery on the go. Mobile photos carry an authentic and spontaneous feel. They show that the B&B management is actively involved in the business, and enjoys getting out and in touch with the community.

12. Think outside your B&B

Following on from the last point, B&B’s are an important part of a  larger community. Add photos of your surrounding area. Create a theme and a clear picture of what your town/city and scenery is like. Find ways to relate things and events in your community back to your B&B in photo captions.

13. Tag! Tag! Tag!

Tag people, businesses and organizations in your photos. This is a great way to use images to connect with your community.

14. Commit to a regular photo blog

Start a photo blog using a network like Tumblr. Try posting a new, professional photo each week or month. Accompany posts with a short caption. Head to the The Mermaid Inn’s blog for a successful example.

15. Be selective with your medium

Smart phone photos look great in some cases, but not in others. I’ve found that restricting your more casual mobile images on one network, like Instagram, is best. For your main site and featured albums, stick to more professional images. Did you know that using images on your B&B website is another way to enhance your B&B web experience? Hotel Propeller allows you to use images that will increase the chance of getting new customers for your B&B. Photos by Valle Crucis and Walnut Lawn

4 Responses to “15 Ways Your B&B Can Use Visuals on Social Media”

  1. Ama May 9, 2013 at 7:48 pm Reply

    I can’t believe that I actually saw about 6-7 things I will personally use. Very good post. I could kick myself for not taking more pictures and not wanting to learn how to use my video camera features like I should. Thanks, you inspired me.

    Best tip for me: Getting a signature photo. That’s a great idea but a lot to think about.

    • Brian Casel May 10, 2013 at 2:44 pm Reply

      Good to hear Ama!

  2. Marla Gulley July 3, 2014 at 1:31 am Reply

    Excellent article. I do many of the suggested things, but can see how I can make them more useful and powerful by more tagging, labeling and focusing my posts and photos more consistently. I am inspired now to get better at what I am doing and look at my business with fresh eyes. Thank you.

  3. Joseph Kochi July 10, 2014 at 10:03 am Reply

    Thank you for the post we will try to do all those stuff.

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